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Consulting: ID Theft | Healthcare Fraud

Stopping Identity Theft and Medical Identity Theft: How Safe Are You?

What is your corporation or professional practice doing today to stop identity theft and medical identity theft? Are you personally protected? Are you sure?

Identity thieves will stop at nothing to steal and use personal and professional information to wreak havoc and profit from stealing identities. From patients at doctors' offices to employees at corporations and throughout society, stopping identity theft and safeguarding information is paramount.

The Identity Advocate provides you with extensive education on the threats and perils of identity theft and medical identity theft. Then we assess your unique needs and implement a plan of attack for stopping identity theft—before you can be attacked by identity thieves. As your steadfast identity theft advocate, we help you create and execute comprehensive identity theft policies and procedures to protect you, your employees, your patients, and the organization itself.

The Identity Advocate is your trusted partner for:
  • Preventing the unnecessary loss of medical information
  • Understanding how to prevent financial losses
  • Knowing what to do about your credit when identity theft or medical identity theft occurs
  • Stopping identity theft by avoiding a breach of information – and learning what to do next if your professional identity has been compromised
  • Assisting with the investigation of identity theft and medical identity theft to bring thieves to justice and recover your information

Our consulting services help you understand identity theft laws and the resources available to you, including the:
  • Federal False Claims Act
  • Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act
  • IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit

Knowing the laws and being proactive is half the battle of stopping identity theft. From identity theft education to medical identity theft resources, policies and procedures, we're your advocate. The Identity Advocate is dedicated to quality education, passionate advocacy, and defending you from the ongoing risks and consequences of identity theft.

Learn about stopping identity theft before it happens to you or your organization. Call 310.831.4400 or email today to setup your FREE initial consultation.