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Consumers Face Increasing Risks of Identity Theft and Medical Identity Theft

You hear the horrific stories of identity theft and medical identity theft every day. From credit card fraud to personal information like your Social Security number being stolen and sold by dumpster divers, identity theft and medical identity theft is a multi-billion dollar problem that is devastating to its victims. Think it can't happen to you?

Think again. As many as ten million Americans experience some form of identity theft every year. And that number is growing. To make matters worse, the FTC states that the average victim of identity theft and medical identity theft doesn't even know his identity has been stolen until more than a year after the event. By then irreparable damage has been done to your credit and reputation.

The Identity Advocate educates consumers on identity theft and medical identity theft prevention, how to report identity theft and medical identity theft, and how to safeguard your valuable personal information. We help you:
  • Ensure all areas of your financial and medical information is protected
  • Know what to do if your Social Security card, healthcare ID cards, or credit cards are stolen
  • Understand what questions to ask your physician to ensure they protect your personal information
  • Show you how to check credit reports, get free credit reports, and learn about credit freezes
  • Learn what, why, where, and when to shred sensitive information
  • Understand your rights under the Federal False Claims Act and how to report identity theft and medical identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission and IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit

Something as simple as a stolen Social Security number can be crippling to your credit, livelihood, and security. Identity theft and medical identity theft threats are as numerous as they are severe. We'll assist you with the setup and implementation of a system of checks and balances to protect your personal information and reduce risks.

The Identity Advocate is passionate about consumer identity theft and medical identity theft prevention. We'll show you how to be proactive. We won't rest until you can sleep easier knowing that your personal, financial, and medical information is safe.

Don't be a statistic. Call 310.831.4400 or email today to protect yourself from identity theft and medical identity theft.

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Your private information is everywhere. So are identity thieves. Unless you take action to protect your identity, you may fall victim to the fastest growing crime in the United States. Don’t let identity theft happen to you. Sign-up with ID Theft Solutions today to get the only ID theft and prevention service The Identity Advocate endorses to safeguard your identity.