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Are You Vulnerable to the Threats of Identity Theft, Medical Identity Theft, and Healthcare Fraud?

Do you know how quickly and easily private information can be stolen, sold, and exploited? If you or your business experienced identity theft, medical identity theft, or healthcare fraud today, what would you do? What would happen to medical information, patient records, employee records, or physician information you assumed were safe? How would you ensure it never happens again?

Identity theft, medical identity theft, and healthcare fraud are multi-billion dollar businesses. To keep your information safe, you need to be educated, proactive, and vigilant.

You need The Identity Advocate.

Identity Theft, Medical Identity Theft, and Healthcare Fraud Happen Every Day

A medical identity thief hacks into a professional office's restricted database containing the names, Social Security numbers, health insurance data, and physician information for three hundred patients. The medical identity thief disappears with his goldmine of information. A few days pass before anyone notices anything irregular. The practice is liable for the security breach and patients are left wondering what will happen to their personal information.

Unfortunately, this is more than just a scary scenario. It's a real incident, and it's just one of the millions of medical identity theft and healthcare fraud cases that devastate Americans every year.

Will You or Your Business Be Next?

Medical identity theft and healthcare fraud affect everyone. The Identity Advocate works with consumers, corporations, and professionals' offices. We teach you how to avoid identity theft, medical identity theft, and healthcare fraud. Then we show you how to detect it if it happens to you and the ways you can fight back.

The Identity Advocate specializes in the education, training, consulting, and investigation of:
  • Identity theft and medical identity theft
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse
  • Stolen Social Security cards, healthcare ID cards, and credit cards
  • Corporate identity theft and employee identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Patient recruitment scams that typically lead to medical identity theft
  • Medicare fraud
  • Prescription drug privacy, personal health records, and electronic medical records
  • A financial crisis that can put your business in jeopardy
  • Over billing and billing for services never performed
  • Attacks on business systems that store personal information
  • And much more

Our goal is to stop identity theft, medical identity theft, and healthcare fraud before it happens to you or your business. Email us at to see how we can be your advocate.