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Is Your Professional Office Safe From Identity Theft and Medical ID Theft?

You're meeting the many needs of your patients as well as running a busy, successful practice. Unfortunately, that's not enough. In fact, medical ID theft could be happening right under your nose.

For instance, do you know where your patients' and employees' personal information is? Do you know where your professional information is? Who has access, who wants access, and why?

The breach of patients' personal information or your professional information due to medical ID theft can be catastrophic. It can literally shut down your practice. You need to establish policies and procedures to protect the critical information of patients, employees, and your own professional information from identity theft and medical ID theft. But how do you develop a strategy for continuous education and communication of those medical ID theft prevention policies and procedures to protect patients, employees, and yourself?

The Identity Advocate takes the confusion, worry, and fear out of identity theft and medical ID theft. We have the right answers to these identity theft questions:
  • Do you know who you are treating?
  • Would you get reimbursed for care provided if the patient supplies false information?
  • What if your own employees’ information was stolen?
  • What if your professional information is hijacked by a medical ID theft ring?
  • If you sell your practice, what happens to patients’ personal information?
  • What do you do with private information when patients terminate, either voluntarily or involuntarily, their relationship with the office?
  • How do you protect yourself from dumpster diving to prevent the theft of patient, personal, or practice information?

We specialize in educating you and your staff on best practices. We'll educate you on your rights and responsibilities under the Federal False Claims Act and Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act. If your practice falls prey to the fastest growing types of identity theft and medical ID theft, we'll provide consulting services to:
  • Help find the cause of the breakdown in security
  • Recommend a plan to safeguard your practice from future identity theft and medical ID theft attacks
  • Assist with the setup of Federal Trade Commission red flag guidelines

Identity theft protection begins and ends with The Identity Advocate. We help make your employees, your patients, your practice, and you safe from the increasing threat of identity theft and medical ID theft. With the appropriate identity theft policies and procedures in place, you can focus on doing what you do best: providing quality healthcare to patients.

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ID Theft Solutions
Protect your professional practice from identity theft and medical identity theft with ID Theft Solutions, the only ID theft prevention and recovery service endorsed by The Identity Advocate. No other company has a 100% track record of recovering stolen identities over the past five years.