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Don't Let Stolen Electronic Medical Records and Healthcare Fraud Cripple Your Practice

If you were attacked today, would the personal health records, electronic medical records, and other patient information be safe from medical identity theft and healthcare fraud?

Healthcare fraud is getting more sophisticated every day. The growing use of electronic medical records creates more opportunities for medical identity theft and healthcare fraud. Protecting your practice from theft, and the resulting lawsuits from patients if their information is stolen, is of critical importance. We'll assist you with establishing policies and procedures for securing electronic medical records that ensure the right patients are treated every time.

The Identity Advocate has the experience and expertise to discover procedural problems, including how to properly protect electronic medical records and other sensitive data. We can also uncover scams that might be happening right under your nose. We'll teach you how to:
  • Identify and resolve irregular billing practices performed by employees or your billing office
  • Detect suspicious healthcare ID cards following the red flags rules
  • Safeguard electronic medical records and personal health records
  • Follow the law under the Federal False Claims Act and Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act
  • Spot and defend your practice against stolen electronic medical records and other forms of medical identity theft

Don't risk it. Put your trust in the hands of a professional healthcare fraud and abuse prevention specialist. From evaluating procedural irregularities to assessing systems that safeguard electronic medical records to investigating healthcare fraud, we'll be your advocate.

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