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Corporations Are Especially Vulnerable to Identity Theft and Medical Identity Theft

Is your corporation a fortress against identity theft and medical identity theft? It should be. You have both a legal and ethical obligation to protect the personal information of your employees. They trust you with every aspect of their identity. From their social security number to their personal health records, employees count on your secure systems to protect their private information.

But you also have an obligation to yourself. You need to protect yourself against employees determined to steal information from the corporation, as well as lawsuits that could result from the theft of an employee’s identity.

Preparation is paramount. It starts with developing policies and procedures designed to prevent an attack in the first place. A vigilant, proactive approach to protecting the corporation and its employees from identity theft and medical identity theft includes:
  • Understanding how to avoid unwanted dollars from being spent in specific areas of concern
  • Knowing what to do with the personal information of employees who leave the company
  • Instituting a comprehensive background check system so you only hire reputable employees
  • Having a plan in place for the safe transfer of former employee information in the event of a corporate buyout
  • Understanding the application of the Federal False Claims Act, the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, and the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit
  • Spotting identity theft red flags
  • Disposing of sensitive information properly to thwart dumpster divers

Employee Education
Educating your employees on the importance of identity theft protection can benefit your employees directly and the corporation indirectly. A well-informed workforce on the personal perils of identity theft and medical identity theft is more likely to be aware of suspicious behavior that can affect the corporation itself.

The Identity Advocate’s "Lunch 'n' Learn" presentations presentations for employees are easy to understand and provide a wealth of information to help your employees avoid identity theft. Employees learn:
  • The right questions to ask physicians to ensure their information is protected
  • The importance of checking credit reports and understanding credit freezes
  • How to safeguard their social security card, credit cards, and other personal information
  • How to report identity theft and medical identity theft

Corporate identity theft and medical identity theft is a real and growing threat. The Identity Advocate provides you with the education, resources, and state-of-the-art techniques to protect you and your employees.

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