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Ignore Healthcare Fraud and Abuse at Your Peril

Healthcare fraud and abuse is big business. The FBI blames healthcare fraud for over $200 billion in excess healthcare spending annually. Unfortunately, that number is only rising.

If you've encountered healthcare fraud and abuse, you know how destructive it can be to your finances and business systems. If you haven't experienced healthcare fraud, you need to protect yourself and your organization with a proactive, comprehensive approach to reduce risks.

The Identity Advocate's medical background provides a unique understanding of healthcare fraud and abuse. We approach education, consulting, and investigations with the same zeal and advocacy we have for helping consumers, corporations, and professional offices avoid healthcare fraud.

Common types of healthcare fraud and abuse include:
  • Billing for services never provided
  • Overbilling
  • Duplicate claims submission
  • Hospital and physician fraud
  • Providing services that are medically unnecessary
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Kickbacks
  • Reporting healthcare never received

There are many threats, but there are even more strategies and solutions to effectively fight healthcare fraud and abuse. The Identity Advocate's consulting services include:
  • Finding holes in your systems that make information vulnerable to healthcare fraud
  • Ensuring your billing procedures are safe, sound, and secure
  • Investigating Medicare fraud
  • Safeguarding personal health records and electronic medical records
  • Identifying healthcare fraud red flags
  • Knowing how and what to report if you suspect healthcare fraud and abuse
  • Understanding and protecting yourself from patient recruitment scams
  • Ensuring prescription drug privacy
  • Identifying and resolving suspicious billing procedures
  • Reporting stolen healthcare ID cards

Healthcare fraud and abuse are serious. Are you? The Identity Advocate's expertise will give you and your organization more than a fighting chance. We stomp out fraud wherever we see it.

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