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Are You Fighting Corporate Healthcare Fraud and Abuse?

Corporations are easy targets for healthcare fraud and abuse. Without a bulletproof system to protect your company from thieves, you are vulnerable to attack. That means putting you and your employees' personal health records and other private information at risk.

But don't despair! Corporate healthcare fraud and abuse is preventable. Our expertise can protect you from unnecessarily wasting money and compromising your employees' personal information.

With a background in nursing, auditing, and investigations, The Identity Advocate is uniquely positioned to assist your company with preventing healthcare fraud and abuse. We've seen it all. We'll help:
  • Setup systems that make you proactive instead of reactive to corporate healthcare fraud and abuse
  • Ensure your policies and procedures for employee health records are secure
  • Look for schemes and abnormalities that may result in healthcare fraud and abuse
  • Spot healthcare fraud red flags
  • Find the holes in your systems that make information vulnerable to medical identity theft and healthcare fraud and abuse

As your trusted partner, The Identity Advocate will work closely with you to stomp out healthcare fraud and abuse in your organization. Whether you need healthcare fraud education and advocacy to develop policies and procedures or a full-scale investigation, we'll safeguard your information, money, and reputation.

Stop healthcare fraud and abuse before it starts. Call 310.831.4400 or email