Linda Vincent

Captivating Speaker, Linda Vincent, Helps Protect Your Business From Identity Theft

With over 15 years of experience as an identity theft prevention expert, Linda Vincent is the speaker of choice for teaching businesses how to protect themselves from identity theft.

Linda’s identity theft presentations are humorous and entertaining—all while providing the information you need to stop identity theft from happening to you, your employees, and/or your business.

Her dynamic speaking and interactive approach uses real-world identity theft examples and case studies. The key takeaway? You leave the session with solutions to begin protecting your business immediately. And, if you and/or your business are a victim of identity theft, Linda gives you the steps to begin the recovery process right away.

Why Your Business Needs to Know About Identity Theft

The frequency of data breaches continues to grow at an alarming rate, and no business is off limits. A data breach resulting in identity theft in your company can easily bankrupt you, not to mention put you in serious legal trouble.

As a sought-after identity theft speaker, Linda gives your business and your employees the knowledge needed to minimize the threat of identity theft—plus tips to recover from a data breach.

Choose the Best Identity Theft Presentation For Your Business

Linda’s unique style of speaking is on display in several different types of presentations. She’s available for:

Microphone icon Keynote speaking engagements– Have an expert lead the conversation at your next event to inform you and your employees about the best ways to prevent identity theft.
Chart icon Seminars– Our educational seminars give members of your organization the tools and techniques to prevent identity theft and protect sensitive information.
Paper Bag icon Lunch and Learns– Educate employees on the identity theft risks and prevention tips they need to know in an informal yet engaging session.

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