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Are You a Target of Healthcare Fraud and Abuse?

Healthcare fraud and abuse can have a profound and devastating effect on your finances and reputation. Between dumpster diving to obtain personal information, patient recruitment scams, and stolen personal health records, you can be left with a large and unwarranted bill.

The Identity Advocate helps prevent healthcare fraud and abuse. We teach you how to:
  • Protect your Social Security number and healthcare ID cards
  • Ensure your prescription drug privacy
  • Avoid healthcare scams, such as those that offer "free" services if you provide your healthcare ID card information
  • Review medical and hospital bills for inconsistencies, services charged but not performed, and other types of healthcare fraud and abuse
  • Find out if your doctor is licensed
  • Know how and what to report if you suspect healthcare fraud
  • Safeguard your personal health records
  • Report stolen healthcare ID cards

Don't become a statistic. With the assistance of The Identity Advocate, you'll be armed with all you need to know to protect yourself and your family from medical identity theft, patient recruitment scams, overbilling, and other forms of healthcare fraud and abuse.

As your advocate, we're dedicated to ensuring your most important asset—your healthcare benefits—are protected. You will learn how to defend yourself against healthcare fraud and abuse. Then we'll teach you how to safeguard your personal information.

Want to protect yourself from healthcare fraud and abuse? Call 310.831.4400 or email today to find out how.